BMW 7 Series- Luxury Wedding Car Hire Melbourne


Wedding Car Hire:
Everything You
Should Know

Weddings are one of the biggest days of anyone’s life because this is when you create an official union with your life-long partner. And one good way to make this day more special is by having the best possible wedding car out there. But let’s say you’re out of budget and you can’t just immediately buy a car just for your wedding. Well, that’s where wedding car hire come in. One of the best car hire services out there is Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, which offers a variety of wedding cars such as the all-time favorite, the BMW 7 Series. Our drivers are all certified professionals, our cars are all well-maintained and come in various brands, and we make sure that all our customers are well taken care of.But what’s in this car that makes it extra special? And what can we expect from wedding cars? Continue reading to know more.

Ideal Wedding Car

Wedding cars are all about ensuring utmost elegance, class, and specialty, especially that this is a very big day. This is why it makes perfect sense to get your dream car as your ideal wedding car for your big day. We offer multiple package options to suit your personal preferences. This way, we are able to provide both prestige, luxury, and comfort, in one single package to ensure that everyone stays comfortable while feeling the class and elegance needed from the couple that is to be wed. Our BMW 7 Series is ideal to be used for the bridge and her father or mother and also both, from their house, to the church or wedding event location. This can then be used after the ceremony to the reception or after party with the couple included. What’s great about the BMW 7 Series is that it is a full-sized sedan that is spacious enough to accommodate the groom, bride, and their respective parents. It’s a great transport vehicle for the couple and the special entourage, so to speak. Furthermore, the 7 Series has an extended wheelbase which gives it additional leg room for all of the passengers. This is very important especially that the bride and groom should be very comfortable inside the car. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services is best known for its BMW 7 Series cars that can be used for weddings. This will surely elevate your wedding and bring it to greater heights because of the appeal that the BMW sedan will give to all the witnesses of the wedding.

BMW 7 Series

Comfort throughout the ride

What makes a BMW 7 Series a wedding car that will make you stand out is that it is built for maximum comfort. This is made possible thanks to its ultra-plush suspension system, premium seats, large leg room, and cool and well-ventilated interior cabin. In fact, the BMW 7 Series is also the flagship model of BMW’s sedan collection. It comes with a long wheelbase which allows all the passengers an extended leg room. This creates a more comfortable and home-sweet-home vibe all throughout your trip.

Stand out from the rest

The BMW 7 Series also comes with the latest upgrades from the car manufacturer. One good example of this are the alloy wheels which creates a more appealing aesthetic vibe to the car. It also gives it a very bespoke look that makes it stand out from other sedans. Another fact you should know is that BMW is very popular with weddings because of its sheer elegance and timelessness. Many customers of ours also found it as one of the coziest vehicles to be in no matter what the temperature outside is. This is because of its cooling and heating system that ensures the passengers are well taken care of.

Wedding package inclusions

The wedding package inclusion of our wedding car rental for BMW 7 Series includes