Dandenong Ranges Tour


About the Dandenong Ranges Tour

Are you tired of the daily chores and want an escape to nature’s lap? If so, then it’s time for you to reconnect with nature with the Dandenong Ranges Day Trip! The Dandenong Ranges Tour offers you an escape into nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, we proudly present to you a day trip to Dandenongs. From the iconic Puffing Billy Steam Railway to the William Ricketts Sanctuary, our Dandenong Ranges Day Tour promises a kaleidoscope of experiences. So, whether you seek adventure or take a seat at nature’s lap, a day trip to Dandenongs is sure to rejuvenate your senses.

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Dandenong Ranges Tour Highlights

  • Embark on the Dandenong Ranges Tour
  • Aboard the Puffing Billy Steam Train and catch a nostalgic ride
  • Get lost in the tranquil beauty of William Ricketts Sanctuary
  • Explore the serene Sherbrooke Forest and take leisurely walks and birdwatching
  • Have a chance to hand-feed native birds at Grant’s Reserve
  • Visit the quaint villages of Sassafras and Olinda, widely acclaimed for their local arts and crafts
  • Indulge in the Devonshire Tea experience
  • Take a Mount Dandenong Tourist Drive (optional)
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Dandenong Ranges Tour Itinerary

Are you craving an escape to be in nature’s lap and its serenity? Look no further than the Dandenong Day Trip! Situated just outside Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges Day Tour offers a perfect escape for a day trip from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here’s what to expect from the Dandenongs Day Trip:

Embark on a Dandenong Ranges Day Trip

The Dandenong Ranges tour starts with our chauffeured vehicle picking you up from your residence or rendezvous point before heading towards the Dandenong Ranges, where lush green forests and native wildlife await you.

Catch a Ride on the Puffing Billy Steam Railway

Once you reach there, the locals will greet you warmly and show you around before taking you down the memory lanes. Hop onto the iconic Puffing Billy Steam Railway and travel through the fern-filled gullies and eucalyptus forests of towering heights.

Visit William Ricketts Sanctuary

After the ride ends, it’s time to get immersed in the tranquil ambience of William Rickets Sanctuary. Here you can explore the gardens adorned with Aboriginal sculptures depicting the traditional stories and customs of the Wurundjeri people.

Explore Deeply Sherbrooke Forest

Go into the depths of Sherbrooke Forest, and you will find massive mountain ash trees and native wildlife. Keep your eyes glued to the topline of the trees, and you might catch a glimpse of the sky koalas, and native wild birds.

Connect with the Native Flora and Fauna of the Dandenong Ranges

If you are a nature lover, you will love the next segment of the Dandenong Ranges Tour. Here, you can connect with the flora and fauna that call the Dandenong Ranges their home. From playful kangaroos to wallabies, the native wildlife is diverse.

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Dandenong Ranges Tour

Head to Sassafras and Olinda Village

Let’s move on to the next part, where you can visit the quaint villages of Sassafras and Olinda. Be it shops, galleries, or cosy cafes, the village brims with local artwork and a laid-back atmosphere.

Grab a Cup of Devonshire Tea

After much walking, it’s time to treat yourself to Devonshire Tea. Indulge in freshly baked scones with jam and whipped cream, accompanied by a piping hot cup of tea (or coffee).

Go on a Mount Dandenong Tourist Drive

It’s time to wrap up the day trip to Dandenongs with a scenic drive through Mount Dandenong. Wind your way through hills, stopping at lookout points for a panoramic view of the surrounding ranges.

Why Choose Melbourne Chauffeurs Services for the Dandenong Ranges Tour?

1. Flexibility

What makes Melbourne Chauffeurs Services a preferred tour operator for the Dandenong Ranges Tour is its flexibility in itinerary planning. We enable customisation of your Dandenong Ranges Day Tour as per your preference and schedule to ensure you enjoy the tour to the fullest.

2. Comfortable Transportation

When you are travelling with Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, you don’t have to worry about transportation and logistics. We have a fleet of well-maintained and comfortable vehicles to ensure your day trip to Dandenongs is smooth and relaxing.

3. Stress-Free Experience

With Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, you can leave the hassle of driving and navigating to us. All you need to do is select your Dandenong Ranges Tour package and let us do the rest. From pickup from your residence to a guided tour to dropping you back to your home, every element of your Dandenong Ranges Day Trip is looked after by our team of professionals.


1. Are there any walking trails or hikes included in the Dandenong Ranges Tour?

Indeed! Our day trip to Dandenongs includes a guided walk along the trails in the Dandenong Ranges to help you know the flora, fauna, and history of the place. However, the level of hiking difficulty may vary; if you’ve had difficulty hiking, please let us know before the Dandenong Ranges tour starts.

2. Is transportation provided for the Dandenong Ranges Day Tour?

Yes, at Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, we offer a comprehensive and stress-free Dandenong Ranges day tour that includes transportation to and from Dandenong Ranges with options ranging from coach buses to SUVs and more.

3. What are the essentials I need to carry on a Dandenong Ranges Day Tour?

Before you undertake the Dandenongs day trip, make sure you carry travel essentials, including comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing, footwear, a hat, sunscreen, a camera, and any personal items that you may need for the day.

3. Can I customise my day trip to Dandenongs?

Absolutely! We offer customisable options for our Dandenong Ranges Day Tour to cater to your preferences and schedule. Call us or drop us a line, and our team will contact you to help you select the appropriate Dandenong Ranges Tour package.

3. Is the Dandenong Ranges Tour suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Dandenong Ranges Day Trip is all age-appropriate. With various activities and attractions, the day trip to Dandenongs can cater to small kids, elders, solo travellers, and groups alike.