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About the Great Ocean Road Tour

If you think you have seen it all and have yet to visit Melbourne City, think again. With its long-standing history, multiculturalism, modern infrastructure, iconic landmarks, bustling laneways, and scenic beauty of parks, Melbourne has a lot to offer tourists and attracts a high number of tourists from across the globe annually.

At Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, we offer a comprehensive tour of Melbourne City to domestic and international tourists at an affordable price. Our team of expert guides will lead you to the must-see attractions, iconic landmarks, and scenic beauty Melbourne has to offer. So, whether you are a domestic tourist looking to embark on Melbourne City sight seeing and visit the places that you have seen on Instagram or an international visitor who wants to see all the secrets the tour of Melbourne City has to offer, we at Melbourne Chauffeurs Services promise an adventurous experience. Contact us today to find out more about our Melbourne City tour package.

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Melbourne City Tour Highlights

  1. Embark on the Melbourne City Tour
  2. Visit iconic landmarks such as Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, and the Royal Botanic Gardens
  3. Explore culturally diverse neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy
  4. Head to historical sites like Old Melbourne Gaol and Captain’s Cook Cottage
  5. Make a stop and shop on the bustling streets of Bourke Street Mall and explore Melbourne’s renowned culinary scene
  6. Extend your adventure with wine tours from Melbourne CBD to the nearby Yarra Valley
  7. Seize the moment and capture the panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline from vantage points like Eureka Skydeck
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Melbourne City Sight Seeing Itinerary

Whether you are a domestic traveller, an international traveller visiting Melbourne for the first time, or a history buff seeking an adventure on the weekend, our Melbourne City tour package offers something for everyone. Here’s what you can expect to see with our Melbourne City sight seeing tour:

Embark on the Melbourne City Tour

Your tour of Melbourne City begins with our comfortable vehicle picking you up from your stay. Our team of professionals and tour guides will warmly greet you before embarking on a Melbourne City sight seeing. Sit back, relax, and let the Melbourne City tour unfold before you for an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Visit Iconic Landmarks of Melbourne City

Make a stop to visit the multiple architectural wonders present in the city. From Federation Square and Flinders Street Station to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), our tour guide will guide you through these architectural marvels while telling you their backstories.

Explore Culturally Diverse Neighbourhoods

You might have heard about Melbourne being the ‘salad bowl of multiple cultures;’ it’s time to experience it yourself. After you are done visiting the iconic landmarks, immerse yourself in the culturally vibrant neighbourhoods of Melbourne, from Chinatown to Little Italy.

Make a Visit to Historical Sites

Although Melbourne is a metropolitan city with new-age infrastructure and a modern ambience, it also has rich and varied historical sites. Perform Melbourne City sight seeing of historical sites such as the Old Melbourne Gaol and Captain Cook’s Cottage, where our team guide will unfold the past of these historical sites, bringing back the city’s old heritage to life.

Shop at Bustling Streets in Melbourne

The next stop of your Melbourne City tour will be along the streets of Melbourne. You can visit bustling streets like Bourke Street Mall and Collins Street for retail purchases, or if you are more into vintage stuff, you can head to Queen Victoria Market to find unique antiques from the past.

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Melbourne City Tour

Head to Yarra Valley for Wine Tours from Melbourne CBD

It’s time to conclude your Melbourne City tour with an optional trip to the nearby Yarra Valley Tours from Melbourne CBD. Here, you can visit the vineyards, indulge in tastings at renowned wineries and cellar doors, or have a gourmet lunch. Indulge in adult juice responsibly before we head back to Melbourne!

Capture Melbourne's Skyline from Vantage Point

As the tour of Melbourne City draws to a close, don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture Melbourne’s skyline from vantage points like the Eureka Skydeck or the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

Why Choose Melbourne Chauffeurs Services for the Tour of Melbourne City?

1. Expertise in the Melbourne City Tour

Whether you have a small group of three backpackers who want a one-day trip or a group of ten or more travel enthusiasts who are looking for a longer haul, we at Melbourne Chauffeurs Services provide customised itineraries and Great Ocean Road Tour packages to ensure you explore the place at your own pace.

2. Comfortable Transportation

Forget the hassle of multiple pick-and-drop services to explore Melbourne; with Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, you can travel smoothly and seamlessly with our fleet of vehicles that are meant to ensure you perform Melbourne City sight seeing without having to look for Uber everywhere you go.

3. Customised Itineraries

Want a tour of Melbourne city your way? Consider it done! At Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, we provide customised Melbourne City tour packages to your interests to make you head to iconic landmarks or visit off-the-beaten-path locations in your style and preference.


1. How long does a tour of Melbourne City typically last?

To undertake the tour of Melbourne City can last from a few hours to a few days, all depending up on the itinerary and activities chosen. If you’re unable to decide on your Melbourne city tour, connect with Melbourne Chauffeurs Services to design a personalised tour of Melbourne city for you!

2. Are guided tours available for Melbourne City sight seeing?

Yes, absolutely! There are tonnes of options available when it comes to guided tours led by experienced local guides for Melbourne city sight seeing. They can provide you with historical context and insightful commentary to make your Melbourne city tour worthwhile. Contact Melbourne Chauffeurs Services to learn more about guided tours for the tour of Melbourne city.

3. What transportation options are available for a Melbourne City Tour?

Being a metropolitan city, Melbourne city has a number of transportation models available for Melbourne city sight seeing, including AC coaches, walking tours, chauffeured tours, and even river cruises along the Yara River.