Chauffeur shortages: Book in Advance your Luxury Travel

The private hire industry is facing a chauffeur shortage crisis. At the same time, the demand for professional chauffeurs is on the rise across the globe. If you recently struggled to hire a chauffeur, you are not alone. Several people have experienced the same problem since December 2021. Until the private hire industry resumes its pre-corona status, chauffeur shortages will remain. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services is among the few licensed operators who survived the storm in 2020.

We retained many of our trained and licensed chauffeurs. If you need our chauffeur-driven travel services, reserve your spot early. Whether you need chauffeured cars for your wedding, airport transfers, corporate transfers, or general travel, we are ready to help. All you should do is book us in advance because of the ongoing global chauffeur shortages and the skyrocketing demand for the service.

Causes of global chauffeur shortages

The root cause of chauffeur shortages is the Covid-19 pandemic. After the arrival of the Corona Virus pandemic, the entire world stopped functioning. Due to constant lockdowns to minimize viral transmissions, many industries lost their workers. The private hire industry lost thousands of qualified and knowledgeable chauffeurs.

Many licensed drivers stopped working to stay alive. They have not resumed work after the end of the pandemic. According to recent BBC stories, over half of the licensed chauffeurs who terminated work during Covid-19 have not resumed.

We were lucky to keep most of our private hire chauffeurs but still feel bad that we lost some. We are upgrading our marketing strategy to attract more chauffeurs to help us meet our escalating customer needs.

Before Covid-19 came, many licensed operators were marketing their services harder to get new clients. After the pandemic, the few still operating may have to add more vehicles or decline some new bookings.

Upgrading a private car hire business entails adding modern electric vehicles. EV prices have increased after the pandemic. Adding more combustion engine vehicles seems like a better option until you consider the rising fuel cost.

Consider also that a luxury chauffeur vehicle like a limousine costs fifty percent more. Moreover, the operator license price has increased. Chauffeurs who plan to return to the trade have inadequate money to add new vehicles and run other costs.

Under these difficult business conditions, we expect the demand for chauffeurs to keep exceeding the supply. By booking late, there is a possibility that you could miss a chauffeur. We advise you to reserve quality car hire services before you travel to Melbourne.

Causes of global chauffeur shortages
How to find the best chauffeur-driven cars

How to find the best chauffeur-driven cars

Consider a few factors when choosing the best chauffeur car for your needs. These include:

• A chauffeured car – If you want to visit Melbourne for the first time, it is best to hire a chauffeured vehicle. You will get a driver who knows the city and its surroundings. On the other hand, hiring a car to drive yourself around a place you do not know is inadvisable. Selecting a well-dressed chauffeur is fine, but most people prefer someone in uniform. An appropriate should work for a top car hire service in Melbourne.

• Car type – Reliable chauffeuring services companies use luxury vehicles like the Mercedes Benz and Limousines. If you want a premium car, the price will be slightly higher. However, comfort will be a guarantee.

• Duration of hire – The cost of hiring a chauffeured car depends on the hours or days you need it. Focus on hours-of-service delivery when booking a chauffeur car in Melbourne. The more specific your needs get, the more money you might spend.

• What are the hidden charges? – Dealing with an upfront chauffeur car company is necessary. Such a company is clear about its services and rates. They will talk about extra charges for driving extra miles or something else if present. Always ask about hidden fees when booking a chauffeur service.

• Experience – Whether you are new in Melbourne or not, do not work with less experienced drivers. Select a private car hire company with knowledgeable drivers. Now the world is facing the worst chauffeur shortage crisis. So, there might be newcomers trying to figure out the learning curve. If you want the most experienced chauffeur, do not use these. A driver who knows all routes and decent tourist places can save you time and money.


If you need private cars for Melbourne airport transfers, weddings, corporate events, daily excursions, or luxury travel, book with us in advance. Melbourne chauffeurs services provide deluxe cars at an affordable cost. We can cope with the rising demand even during chronic chauffeur shortages like now. We work around the clock with Melbourne’s most competent, experienced, and respectful chauffeurs.