How to Become A Limo Driver in Melbourne

A chauffeur is a professional driver who works for private car hire companies. Their work entails airport transfers, corporate events, weddings, general tours, and VIP transfers. Chauffeurs drive upscale vehicles and are cultured and competent professionals. If you want to become a limo driver, you have come to the right place. 

We own a fleet of luxury vehicles at Melbourne Chauffeurs Services. Some of these cars are limousines. We are a private car hire company with the highest service standards. As the best-rated company online, our services attract thousands of people. If you wish to become our limousine chauffeur, keep reading this article to know the requirements of this career. 

Characteristics of
A Perfect Limo Driver

The private car hire industry is different from public transportation. A public means vehicle driver does not need the best etiquette and skills to attract customers. On the other hand, a private limo driver must create the best first impression to gain customers’ trust. They must look decent and demonstrate in-depth knowledge when talking to a client.

As they do point-to-point human transportation, limo chauffeurs must know how to get to various places using the safest routes. Making mistakes is not an option in this business because the chief goal is to satisfy and retain customers. A limo chauffeur should be determined, flexible, and devoted because they mustwork long hours. These drivers must offer top-notch services when serving different guests.

Why should you
Become A Limo Driver in Melbourne?

Many tourists who come to Australia always visit Melbourne. It is one of the most renowned and populated places in Victoria. Becoming a limousine driver here means you will have a lot of work to do. Luxury travel in Melbourne is a thriving business because the end of the Covid-19 pandemic opened international travel and trade. 

Hence, becoming a limo chauffeur is a prudent choice because there is a shortage of drivers now. Many private car hire companies are recruiting qualified chauffeurs to meet the increasing demand.

How you can
Become A Limo Driver in Melbourne?

As we noted, you require superior skills and a warm personality to become the best limo driver. To become a successful limo chauffeur, seek legal accreditation first. Ensure that you meet the minimum industry standards in Melbourne. You need to satisfy these standards when joining the industry and after. The minimum legal requirements include the following things. 

• Being a holder of a VHA driving license
• A valid VHA license for any Australian state or New Zealand territory. The minimum acceptable license holding period is six months. 
• To drive a commercial passenger car, you should prove that you are fit by doing the required medical tests. 
• Provide a national criminal police document showing no history of committing crimes.
• Do and pass a driving history test.

To apply for legal accreditation in Melbourne to become a limo driver, ensure you fulfill the requirements we have discussed. Many people looking to drive limousines prefer online applications. There is a need to download a medical assessment form and fill it out before uploading. 

As a result, you should download and take the form to a medical practitioner. They should perform tests on you and fill in the blank spaces. The physician must check your health status and qualify you as a limo driver only if fit. After completing the medical assessment form, fill out an online application form. 

Then, pay the required fee and submit your application form. When filling out the form, you should upload your identification documents to verify your Australian citizenship. You should submit your driver’s license and one more document. This can be your Australian passport, Australian citizenship certificate, or an international passport and a current visa allowing you to work in the country. 

You can also provide your birth certificate. If you want to use a passport, ensure it is current or has expired for ten years or less. You cannot use a canceled Australian or international passport. For the payment process, you need your Visa card or Mastercard. After submitting and paying the fee, wait for your driver accreditation process results. 

If the authorities provide legal accreditation, this will give you the power to drive a commercial passenger vehicle. You can look for work or start a small chauffeured-car business. 


So far, you know that the demand for first-class limousine drivers is rising. We hire well-trained, experienced, and accredited limo drivers. To join us, consider doing a limousine chauffeur training course at Melbourne Chauffeurs Servicescompany. After pursuing such a course, you will improve your employability with our company or any other.