Ski Resorts in Victoria

Top six ski resorts in Victoria

Mount Buller

Mount Bullar

Mount Buller resort is just three hours away from Melbourne. This place is a favorite for many Melburnians and tourists from other countries. Since this spot is near to the city, it is common to find many tourists and ski enthusiasts. So, if you don’t mind seeing many people in the resort, it is worth visiting. Another reason why many people visit this place is, it has something to offer for everybody. Even if you are not a skier, you can do various activities, including snowboarding, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. Apart from indulging in snow, you can take a dog tour, ride in the chairlift, and enjoy the luxurious spa. 

This resort village is located in eastern Victoria. The resort is famous for terrain parks and downhill ski slopes. You can also find the footpaths and bike trails. Mount Buller contains more mountain accommodation than any other resort in entire Victoria. It has over 7,000 on-bed mountains to fit the taste and budget of all people. If you are looking to satisfy your taste buds, there are over 30 bars and restaurants to meet those needs. In this resort, you need not wait in the queues since it has an impressive network of lifts. A total of 22 lifts are capable of transporting 40,000 people per hour. 

Falls Creek

Falls Creek

If you want to see and perform skiing in the beautiful alpine village, then look your search will end at Falls Creek in Victoria. This resort is located at the Alpine National Park, and it is well known for the cross country trails, reliable ice cover, terrain parks, picturesque and authentic European style resort. This resort is located at a decent distance from Melbourne, and it is ideal if you are a newbie to skiing. The reason is it is generally less crowded if you compare it with other ski resorts in Melbourne. 

Another reason we recommend this resort for inexperienced skiers because over 80 percent of the resort is reserved for intermediate and beginner-level skiers. So, you can leave your hesitation and try to learn a new skill and enjoy this beautiful sport. Other than skiing, this resort houses many restaurants, bars, and cafes. The famous ones are Huski Kitchen, Cloud 9, Elk Restaurant, and Astra Bar & Restaurant. The resort’s trademark is the masonry tone wall, cozy fireplaces, luxurious spas, hot pools, delicious dishes, and tasty wines. 

In short, Falls Creek resort is a vibrant and the largest ski area in the region in winter, and it hosts top-class mountain bikes & an outdoor mecca in summer. So, this resort has something for everyone and never fails you provide recreation in any season. 

Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham is another favorite skiing spot for many skiers. This resort is just four and half hours away from Melbourne. This resort is suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers who look for challenging and thrilling ski holidays. About forty percent of the resort is dedicated to advanced skiers. This resort is considered Australia’s Powder Capital. It consists of 320 hectares of ridges, gullies, steep slopes, and tree runs. If you are really advanced skier and want to glide in the most difficult track of Australia and challenge yourself, you must try Mary’s Slide. It is considered the most difficult run in Australia. 

If you love eating delicious food, you can find many cafes and pubs to satisfy your cravings. If you are confused, start with Bird for tasty coffee and breakfast available on this mountain and if you need the best lunch and dining options, visit the Last Run Bar. If you are looking for a perfect winter vacation, Mount Hotham resort is the best choice. It houses cozy lodges, stunning views, and luxury chalets. This resort is near to the airport, and accessing this place is easier than Falls Creek resort. In short, it contains difficult terrain to challenge the advanced skiers, but at the same time, some runs are friendly to beginners. 

Mount Baw Baw

Mount Baw baw

Mount Baw Baw is another ski resort that is near Melbourne city. It is about three hours’ drive from Melbourne. This resort village offers snow bunnies and access to large snow areas. It contains toboggan hills and large groomed cross country trails of 10 km. For skiers, there are 15 runs available. Even if you are new to skiing, you need not worry about getting clocked by experienced skiers going past you. This resort is ideal for enjoying skiing with family and friends. The impressive Alpine landscapes, crisp mountains, high-quality restaurants are the highlights of this resort. It contains seven lifts, and the highest lifted areas are 1563 meters. 

If you are hungry after performing many runs on these slope trails, you can enjoy the delicious foods and beverages available here. Out of these, Alpine Hotel & Bistro and the Village Central Restaurants worth trying. It also contains many luxurious lodges to take care of your accommodation needs. The accommodation options are wide, and many budget options are available for everyone. After the Sun bidding god bye to the city, there are many activities to perform. The pubs and restaurants will help you enjoy the beatings with the DJs.

Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain

The lake mountain resort is one of the nearest ski resorts in Victoria. It takes only about two hours’ drive from Melbourne city. Hence, it is ideal for enjoying a day out in the snow in the midst of busy life. Here you can explore the snowshoes, 37 kilometers of cross-country trails. Other than this, you can spend time in snowman building and snowball fights. The trails are enough to keep skiers of all expert levels interested. To keep the kids interested, there are many other activities are there. It has over 10 trails, and the number of toboggan runs is 7. If you are new to skiing, you can get tips and training in the local ski school. You can get private and public lessons here. However, the demand is huge, and you must make bookings to ensure you get the spot. 

After finishing the skiing and other snow activities, you can relax with a glass of wine at the famous Lake Mountain Resort Cafe. This resort is the day resort. Hence there will be no accommodation on the mountain. However, you can book accommodation around the Marysville region. You can find many luxurious campgrounds, B&Bs, motels, hotels, retreats, and pubs. 

Mount Buffalo

Mount Buffalo

Mount Buffalo is declared a national park in 1898. The national park covers the subalpine plateau and surrounding foothills. You can enjoy the snow play and tobogganing in 2 separate areas. It has a cross-country trail consists of 10 kilometers, and unmarked trails consist of 20 kilometers. This resort contains many cafes, visitor centers, toboggan slopes, ski schools, and a plethora of space to play and enjoy. There were plans to rebuild the resort in 2015, but it is never taken off, and hence there is not much space to perform skiing. The national park is a home for many wildlife, including Wombats, Lyrebirds, Eastern Rosellas, Swamp Wallabies, etc. 

There are two managed areas, and there only plastic molded toboggans are allowed. Dingo Dell is suitable for families with young children; it has a little toboggan slope with a safe run-out area in the bottom. There is enough space for kids to build snow angels, snowmen and playing by throwing snowballs. The other area is Cresta Valley, where facilities are more advanced, and the tobogganing is more diverse. There is a wide range of sceneries and includes a managed area for a family-oriented space.