Choosing Right Car For Your Wedding Day

Right Car For Your Wedding Day

Your big day is right around the corner. You’ve got everything ready; from your dress, to the venue, to the cake. There is one more important matter to take care of – your wedding car. Choosing your wedding car is a significant decision in the wedding planning process, but with so much choice and so many features to consider, it can seem totally overwhelming. We’ve have been in wedding cars for 15 years and I have come up with a list of top advices to consider when choosing your wedding car, and what you should look for before making important booking.

See the cars before booking

In order to avoid disappointment, Melbourne Chauffeurs Services suggest seeing the car that you propose to use before booking it. That way you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting on the morning of your wedding, and you’ll be well-versed to make a decision on which type of wedding car you’d like.

Consider your wedding dress

Something that is often unnoticed when booking a wedding car is whether you and your dress will actually fit inside! Melbourne chauffeurs services recommend practising sitting down in your final dress fitting. They often find that the first time that a bride attempts sitting down in her dress is when she’s getting into the Limo car ready to go to their ceremony, and it can be very tight and challenging to breathe – so make sure you and your dress are in for a relaxed ride to your venue! The wedding car also must be chosen in respect of the bride’s wedding dress. A larger framed dress with a long train or excess material will require a rightly sized car to make sure comfort and a relaxing ride. Mercedes Suv is although not a classical wedding car choice provides a show-stopping impression with spacious interior and ample space for the largest of wedding dresses.

Complement your colour scheme

Your wedding car will appear in many of your wedding photos, so thinking cautiously about the style and colour of your wedding car. Whether you decide to go for a basic car that matches your theme, or whether you’d prefer something that stands out in your photographs, just consider whether your wedding car goes with your vision before booking.

Type Of Cars

The type of car you choose does have a say on your personality and taste. You may want to match the style of your wedding with the vehicle. The good news is that you have plenty of available choices, including:

  • Vintage Cars: Go for an eclectic nostalgia with cars manufactured from 1919 to 1930. If you want a little bit of a classic approach, your choices range from vehicles made from the 1940s to the 70s. They are often refurbished to maintain their timeless appeal.
  • Modern European Cars: Modern luxury vehicles and limousines offer adequate space and luxury. Everyone will stay comfy, even if you are with the bridal party.
  • Exotic Sports Cars:For an eccentric choice, a supercharged sports car may be what you want for your wedding. If there is a time when you can zip around
  • Family Size Vehicles: No one can tell you that you cannot travel to your wedding destination in a SUV or luxury Van. You can even ride a bus, especially if you have your entire party with you. Choose from Audis, Mercedes, BMW’s and many more. Just do not forget to decorate it with ribbons and flowers you see in other wedding cars.

All types of cars can be used. However, you may have noticed that nowadays modern luxury cars are used in weddings. Mercedes S Class is very popular wedding car hire seem to symbolise style and sophistication. Although different car colours have emerged, black remains the most popular.

Use a reputable wedding car company

To avoid disappointments and stress on the last days towards your wedding, we highly recommend that you work with a car hire company that is reliable with a good reputation. Make enough research about trustworthy companies to work with for the best chauffeur services and before booking with them thoroughly read and understand their contract and ensure that they will deliver as agreed. You can go online and search on google, check reviews of different companies and the rates of their bridal cars. Check for their business address and be sure to deal with a well-established limo company. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services provide excellent bridal transportation with well-dressed and professional chauffeurs

Leave yourself plenty of time

If you’ve got your heart set on a certain car, it’s vital that you book it in good time. Wedding chauffeur companies get very booked up on popular wedding weekends and especially during the summer, so make sure you get in their first to evade disappointment.

Don’t forget the rest of the bridal party

In the anticipation of booking your wedding car, it’s easy to forget about others family and friends! Don’t forget that your mother and bridesmaids will also need to get to the venue, along with the groom and his party – if you want to make sure everyone gets there in style, ensure that you consider how many chauffeur cars you’ll need.

I would to recommend Mercedes V Class (7 passengers plus chauffeur)

For some wedding car inspirations check Our Fleet page.

One More Thing

Don’t forget to book a chauffeur after the reception finishes.. Most couples do go off to hotels on their wedding night and forget that they need car to get there! Whilst some may opt for their family or friends to take them home, it’s always nice to leave in style and elegance. Departing the venue in a modern European car is great for a final photo or video sequence for your wedding album.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning your wedding anywhere in Melbourne and surrounding areas, looking to hire a wedding car for the occasion, Melbourne Chauffeurs Services is the place to visit. The company covers almost all the locations across Melbourne and provides exceptional service.

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