Hire a Chauffeur for Top Attractions in Yarra Valley

Rochford wines Yarra Valley

Melbourne is a city of many attractive places. Without a doubt, Yarra Valley is one of them. If you want to enjoy Yarra Valley’s beauty and visit all the beautiful places in this valley, hiring the best chauffeur service is a good option.

Travel to all the attractive places in style with our personalized services. To enjoy in any of the sites, one has to accompany themselves with a person who knows Melbourne.

We, at Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, know Yarra valley like our back of the hand. You can take our service by booking for an hour to booking for a day. So, before that, let us look at the top-visited places of Yarra Valley. 

Yering Station Winery

If you are a wine fan, then consider Yering station as your heaven. If you take the full-day wine trip, it is a must-visit place. Here you can see the beautiful views of Yarra Valley, and of course, here, you can taste the finest quality of wines.

I bet you it is not easy to go home without carrying at least a bottle of wine. The staff of the Yering station winery is friendly and highly knowledgeable.

It is also well known for offering delicious food and hence it will always be crowded with people taking different food or drinking the wines. You can visit here with your family and have a memorable time. 

Coombe Yarra Valley

If you want to visit a perfect place to dine and wine with your family and friends in Yarra valley, look no other place than Coombe. It is the number one choice for many natives and visitors alike.

The food available here is of the highest standards, and the varieties also make your taste bud satisfying. It has all types of food varieties to meet the dietary requirements of all age groups.

The wine collection is also extraordinary, but the main highlight of this place is the food. The staff is also attentive and very professional. The ambiance of this place is marvelous, and you visit this place in Yarra valley. 

De Bortli Yarra Valley Estate

De Bortli Yarra Valley Estate is another must-visit place for all wine lovers, don’t lose your heart even if you don’t like wines, here you can see the most beautiful vies of Yarra valley. It is the award-winning and premium winemaker in this valley.

This place is just one hour drive away from Melbourne and, if you get the chauffeur service from us, you need not worry about the location and all other things. Holing and drinking the vintage wine in hand and enjoying the picture square vineyards’ sight is beyond verbal expressions. So, don’t forget to visit this vineyard and drink the vintage wines here.

Domaine Chandon Winery

If you want to enjoy your most beautiful day in Yarra valley, Domaine Chandon Winery is the best place. The staff here are fantastic and very friendly, and if you are ok, they can even give a hilarious banter.

It is a great place to enjoy your drink with delicious food and a lovely ambiance. The wine and champagne are exquisite, but the site itself is exceptional. It is a must-visit place in the Yarra Valley. Due to all these, you can find this bistro always crowded, and booking in advance is required to get a guaranteed table.

However, you can find a lounge area and terrace if you want to wait with the stunning views.

It is one of the main attractions of Yarra valley in Melbourne. It is sharing the sunrise with more than 100,000 people since its establishment in 1992. If the weather permits, you can see this is operating 364 days a year. If you want to see the entire Yarra Valley from a bird’s view, this is the best activity to do.

The staff and the whole crew are friendly and ensure your time in the air peacefully. To sum the entire experience, this activity provides beautiful views, a lifetime experience, a fantastic sunrise view, and a lot of thrill. The process of landing and going to the air, one should not miss.   

Healesville Sanctuary

If you think our list contains more wine and food than activities, don’t be sad. We have a Healesville Sanctuary on the list. This sanctuary is formerly called the Sir MacKenzie sanctuary; you can see all the native Australian animals.

This sanctuary is situated at Healesville in rural Victoria of Australia. This place is famous because it is the only two spot where it successfully bred platypus. It also helps in breeding the endangered helmeted honeyeater.

This sanctuary is a house for many species in an area of 78 acres. So, if you are a wildlife lover, it is a must-visit place for you. 

Rochford wines Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is full of vineyards, and all of these are known for their vintage collections. The Rochford wines are one of the oldest and well-known wine manufacturing places in Australia. This vineyard is owned and operated by the Rochford family, and it was established in 1985.

The wine produced here is well respected because of the taste and procedure of making the same. Here you can enjoy the varieties of wine and delicious food. The staff of this place is cool and ready to help you always.

The Pizzas of this place are famous, and we would recommend you to taste them once. 

This restaurant is housed in an old barn and covered in 50 acres of Cabernet vines. But don’t think it is just an old barn; it is beautifully restored and surrounded by more than a hundred years of ancient oak trees and provides stunning views of the Yarra Ranges.

It is the best place to enjoy lunch with your loved ones and its weekend lunch and dinner is famous, the weekend dinner takes place every Friday and Saturday after 6.30 pm. In its next door, you can find 23 room guesthouse. 

This beautiful museum is located in the Yarra Valley region. This museum is just one hour’s drive from the center of Melbourne city. It is open throughout the year and presents many exhibitions.

The stunning building itself a sight to view because it is stated on the hill of the Yarra Valley. It was opened in 2003 and since then recognized as the jewel of this region. It houses the best international and domestic contemporary and modern art. 

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

If you want to taste different flavors of ice cream and chocolates in the Yarra Valley, there is no place better than Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. If you want to have fresh ice cream after wandering in different tourist places of Yarra valley and need to satisfy your taste cravings, visit this place.

The scoop you will get here is large and delicious. It will always be crowded because of its taste, and you can also see how the chocolates are being made of different flavors.

This dairy is famous for delicious and naturally made cheese. It is the famous cheese shop in the entire Yarra Valley, and it is also well known for its coffee, local wines, and cheese platters. It makes soft cheeses in Italian and French farmhouse style.

You can enjoy the delicious cheese in this place, or you can even take it home. If you want to add more deliciousness to your visit to the Yarra Valley, the visit to this place is mandatory. 

This is the former timber yard and is now fully transformed into a gin distilling place in a large area of 700 square meters. At this place, you can taste all styles of four pillars gin and available for sale. You can often find the events and masterclass, and you can get to know about the future such events on their Facebook page.

This was established in 2003, and thousands of people all around the world come here to enjoy the gin and food. The staff are friendly and explain the different gins if you want to know more about it. 

It is our last main attraction in the Yarra Valley, and it is also famous for its varieties of delicious food and winery. It is also a renowned and award-winning wedding venue and easily fits about a hundred people in that chappel.

Even though the place is always crowded, you must visit this place to enjoy the food and fabulous service of the staff. It covers a wide area of 230 picturesque acres.