Tips To Enjoy A Wine Tasting Tour

Tips To Enjoy A Wine Tasting Tour

Ask Wine Producers or Private Wine Tour for More Information

Don’t be afraid to ask. Private Wine tours are exactly the place where you can question and learn more about wine-making and how to taste wine. You may not identify every flavour and technical styles of the wine, but you will know if you enjoy it or not. And if you do, inquire more about that wine, variety and process. Whether you’re on a tour with a chauffeur or at a farm with the actual owners and wine producers, everyone will be delighted to share their knowledge with you. After all, it is their passion, and each person loves to discuss and talk about what they enjoy. So don’t be shy, everyone will be appreciative of your interest.

Take Notes About Your Favourite Wines

If you like a wine that you taste, after some tastings you will forget which wine was that that made you crave for more. So if you want to go home and order that desired wine at a restaurant (or avoid the ones you didn’t like) take some little notes so that you won’t forget what satisfied you the most. One valuable tip for notes taking is to write it in a way that you can remember when you need it. Alternatively, you can even take a picture of the bottle with your phone the ones you liked, so that will stay in your mind and your records for longer your wine tasting tour.

Make the Most of Your Visit

Some wineries are known for fresh local produce and dining experiences, too, including gourmet picnics and fine restaurant dining. Take advantage of a restaurant or outdoor picnic area to break up the day and, more importantly, to enjoy a spectacular meal with a picturesque view. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind, bring along your food, buy a bottle of wine at the winery shop and enjoy the view of the vineyards. Some wineries offer cultural experiences, too, such as concerts, museum, art exhibits and spectacular architecture

Visit Three or Four Wineries a Day

If you’re planning to have many visits on a day trip, make sure there is some time gap between them. It is suggested to consider the time spent between one place to the other. Though wine tasting can be very exciting and it’s an activity where you should spend your time to enjoy and not simply rush from one winery to the other. You will also find very friendly tour guides, winemakers and farm owners that will engage in delighted conversations about wine and their products, so anticipate a visit to last more than an hour. Furthermore, every winery has a cellar door, so take some time to get to know the products and even buy the wine that you most liked during your time so far. This will surely help you to make the most out of your wine tasting tour.


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