Top 22 Must-see tourist attractions in Melbourne

Top 22 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is not only one of the vibrant and multi-cultural cities, but also it’s the second-largest metropolis city in Australia. This city has many places to attract all types of people, and hence no one will feel bored here. So, what are the top places of Melbourne that attract millions of tourists every year? Let us have a quick look at them. 

Federation Square

Fed Square is opened in 2002 to recall the 100 years of federation. This iconic building is loved and hated by almost the same number of Melbournians. Anyway, this has become an integral part of Melbourne and has become one of Australia’s highest visited places. It is situated opposite Flinders Street Station, and over 2,000 events happen annually. It houses Ian Potter Center, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). This place is one of the biggest free Wi-Fi sites in Australia. 

Crown Casino

If you want to have a little more fun and gaming experience, the crown casino is the ideal choice. It is visited by millions of users annually and enjoys in this vast place of 500,000 square meters. This entertainment and gaming center also offers the fun of shopping, luxurious accommodation, fine dining, and casino gaming experience. 

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo was established in 1862, and it covers the area of 22 hectares and houses for 320 specifies of animals. Even though it was established in the 19th century, it has some cool modern amenities. If you want to have a journey through the different species of the world, you must visit this zoo. This zo is just 5 minutes away from the center of the city. Orang-utans and the trial of the elephants are some of the highlights of this zoo. Here, you can find kangaroos, Kolas, elephants, varieties of monkey species, emus, wombats, and many more. 

Great Ocean Rd.

The great ocean road is one of the main attractions of Melbourne. It has seaside cliffs along with the wild and windswept of the southern ocean. On the sides of this road, you can find various wildlife that lives in the Australian bush. You can visit the hot spring sanctuary in Victoria, the chance to enjoy delicious food, and the opportunity to look at the wonderful sightseeing of Melbourne. 

National Art Gallery

The national art gallery is the oldest public gallery in Australia and holds over 70,000 artworks. The national art gallery is popularly known as NGV, and it is the oldest public art museum in Australia.  The NGV is divided into two sections; they are the NGV International and the Ian Potter Centre. All the artworks available in this gallery are worthless, and some of the notable works include Acrobats of Albert Gleizes, Airport at Night of Russel, Combat of Lee Krasner, etc. To get more details about the artworks, you can take a guided tour and watch the documentary films. 


Australia is a sports-loving country, and cricket is one of the love of Australians. All major sporting events take place in Melbourne, and MCG is the host for this. It is the main attraction of Melbourne, and it has a capacity of 100,000 and was established in 1853. It hosted Olympics in 1956 and Commonwealth Games in 2006. It is the birthplace of test cricket in Australia and the home ground for Australian Rules Football. Daily, you can get a 75-minute tour to see every sporting memory of the nation. It houses for National Sports Museum, Olympic Museum, and Gallery of Sport. 

Eureka Sky Deck

Eureka Sky Deck is located in the iconic tower of Melbourne, Eureka tower. This tower is named in recognition of the Eureka Stockade, 1854 rebellion and stands with 91 stories in the heart of Southbank. This skyscraper’s gold-plated windows and gold crown increase the beauty of the building. The gold color with the touch of sun rays sparkle, and it is an event to watch. The sky deck is located on the 88th floor and offers the highest public view in the southern hemisphere—people from all around the world visit this place to enjoy the bird view of Melbourne. 

Science Works

Science Works museum is one of the amazing places in Melbourne. It provides enough food for thoughts for the curious minds of all ages. This place is great for young minds to see and experience numerous scientific advancements, including robots and other latest science wonders. 

Melbourne Museum

Science Works museum is one of the amazing places in Melbourne. It provides enough food for thoughts for the curious minds of all ages. This place is great for young minds to see and experience numerous scientific advancements, including robots and other latest science wonders. 

Melbourne Star Observatory Wheel

Melbourne Star Observatory gives a new opportunity to experience this city in a whole new way. You can visit this place day or night, and if you take a flight of discovery, you can get a new perspective of this wonderful city. It is the best way to engage with Melbourne’s cityscape. This is not just a view, but you will get a new and unique experience. 

Queen Victoria Market

If you want to see crowded places with buzzing Aussie people and a bunch of visitors, Queen Victoria Market is the right place. It is a lively, bustling Melbourne market, where you find over 600 small businesses operating and providing the products people demand. This market can be called the heart & soul of Melbourne for the last 140 years. Here you can get handmade items, unique products, coffee, delicious food, clothing, etc. Have a friendly chat with the vendors and enjoy the food in this market and witness different nations people eating and enjoying shopping. 

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of those places in Melbourne which you would not miss at any cost. It is about 90 minutes drive from the northeast of Melbourne city. To visit this place, you need to take an organized tour since there are no public transport options. Here you must see the region’s popular cellar doors, farm-fresh produces, and if you want to relax, the spa here is the best option. The Yarra Valley is the oldest wine region of Australia, and it has global recognition. Visit the vineyards and also enjoy the views of this yard from the highs of the valley. 

Sealife Aquarium

If you want to see the ocean life of Australia inside a protected area, this is the best place.  If you love watching fish, penguins, and other sea lives, without a doubt, you would love this experience. You can see many southern ocean creatures inside the gigantic two million liter aquarium. The species such as Gentoo and King Penguins, nurse sharks, and other sea creatures are the main attraction of this place. However, the entry fee is a bit pricey.

Philip Island

On the southern coast of Austria, you can find this Island. It is the best choice to spend your day in the middle of a peaceful atmosphere. It is a popular one-day trip for many visitors. Summerland Beach is a great place to sit and relax; in the evening, you can see the parade of hundreds of penguins. It is also declared as the national surfing reserve in recognition of pristine environment, 

Royal Botanical Gardens

Suppose you want to see different plant species and see the marvelousness of nature. It is situated near the Yarra River and just about 2 kilometers away from the CBD. This garden is situated in an area of hectares and houses over 8,500 different species of plants. Among these, many rarest species of plants exist. The best thing about this garden is that you no need to pay anything for visiting and witnessing all types of plant lives. During the summer, live theater is the highlight of this place, and the moonlight cinema is a great experience for everyone. 

St. Paul Cathedral Church

The churches of Australia are eye-pleasing along with the calmness it provides. St. Pual Cathedral Church is a historical and beautiful monument, and it is situated at the heart of Melbourne. You can visit this place to get peace of mind and prayer. This iconic church was built in 1836 by Alexander Thomson. In the new few years, so many changes happened in this place, and in 1885 the present-day church was built. The design and architecture of this building are excellent and attract visitors with its sheer beauty. 

Dandenong Ranges

It is a national park and the rainforest of Melbourne. It is the best place to enjoy the walk inside the tranquil forest and enjoy the calmness. Here, you can take the famous 1000 steps, see Olinda Falls, and witness all the stunning scenes of Yarra valley. The famous Mountain Ash, the world’s tallest flowering tree on the steep volcanic hill. The common animal species of this forest are Powerful owls, lyrebirds, wombats, wallabies, etc. Ensure you should leave your dogs at home and go to this place to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 

Werribee Open Zoo

If you want to enjoy the feel of an African-like adventure by taking just 30 minutes ride from Melbourne, Werribee open zoo is the ideal place. This zoo is located in a wide area of 225 hectares open savannah. In this zoo, you can see fearful pride of lions, amazing gorillas, cheetahs, varieties of monkeys, etc. To see all these creatures, you can take a safari of 40 minutes and also see giraffes, rhinoceroses, antelopes, and zebras. You should not miss the activities, including feeding the giraffe, wild encounters, stroke a several, watching amazing animals from the open vehicle. If you want to get the thrill of living inside this place, you can stay overnight in tents. 

Old Melbourne Jail

Old Melbourne Gaol is a 19th-century prison. It is the oldest prison in Australia and famous for imprisoning criminals since the 1840s. The most infamous persons of Australia, including Ned Kelly, bushranger, gangster Squizzy Taylor and many others, spent their imprisonment days inside this iconic precinct. You can learn about the history and also have extra fun with the Cluedo game to catch the killer. Of course, it will also give the strongest reasons not to perform any crime. 

Parliament House

Parliament House of Victoria is one of the iconic and oldest buildings of Australia. It is an architecturally distinguish building, and it is the working state parliament now. Here the first federal parliament met in 1901. On non-sitting days, you can enjoy the free guided tours. If you are visiting with a group of six people are more, you can still get the free guided tour, but you must book in advance. If you want to see the proceedings of the parliament, you can visit on sitting days and watch it from the public gallery.

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is another famous place in Melbourne. This national park is the most visited place by those who want to escape from the buzzing cities. Experienced surfers come here and flock to Gunnamatta beach. The rockpool at Sorrento beach is a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. Take a walk in this place to take spectacular views. It is the house for many kangaroos, and green bushes are everywhere in the national park. 

State Library of Victoria

It is the fourth most famous library and the busiest one in Australia. Whether you like books or not, it is one of the iconic places of Melbourne, and you must not miss visiting this place. This library has its legacy from 1856, and it is an excellent example of incredible architectural heritage. Here, you can see many exhibitions, events and other programs taking place often. And it is one of the reasons for its buzzing nature.