Transportation Options Melbourne Airport to City

Transportation Options Melbourne Airport to City

If you are looking to travel soon, be sure to get your airport transfers all sorted out. From the Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), there are a few transportation options that you can consider using to get back to the city. In this post, we are going to look at some of the said transportation options so that you can decide which one suits you best.


The first option that you can use in order to get from the airport back to the city is the SkyBus. SkyBus is an airport bus service that operates in Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, and Auckland. In Melbourne, the SkyBus service that runs between Tullamarine Airport and the city is known as the Melbourne City Express.

The SkyBus service comes with a host of convenient features that make it an excellent option for airport transfers. Passengers can buy tickets online without having to physically wait in lines or anything. When boarding, you can simply show your smartphone with the ticket displayed on it.

After the ticket has been purchased online, it remains valid for three months (unless stated otherwise). During this time, you can use the ticket to board the bus for either a single trip or a round trip. A single trip allows you to use the service for either getting to the airport from the city, or from the city terminal to the airport. If you are coming in from abroad, you can simply purchase your ticket online before arriving, and then use the ticket to instantly get on board. A return ticket can be useful if you are planning on returning after some weeks or a couple of months. In this type of situation, you can re-use the ticket that you originally bought.

The buses themselves provide a comfortable experience to the passengers. There is free Wi-Fi on the buses that passengers can use for their work during the trip. The Melbourne City Express runs between 4:30 AM to 12 AM every day of the week.

Uber (and other car booking apps)

Another option that you can try out is booking an Uber (or any similar taxi service) to get back to the city. By using an Uber, you can have more privacy as compared to the SkyBus. You can also ask the driver to make stops along the way or to take a detour. While more costly than the SkyBus, Uber and other taxi services do come with other compensating benefits.

With an Uber, you can specify your pick-up point and the location where you want to be dropped off. The SkyBus moves from one terminal to the other and does not provide door-to-door drop-offs. 

Also, if you are carrying a lot of luggage that will be difficult to lug around in a bus, you can choose to ride in an Uber so that you can simply transfer it all in one go.

Melbourne Chauffeurs Services

Young chauffeur adjusting hat near luxury car on the street
Chauffeur Transfer

Think of Uber, but far more luxurious and exotic. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services is the third transportation option that you can consider using for your airport-to-city travels. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services, although probably the most expensive traveling option on this list, is an excellent choice for airport transfers.

The company fleet features a variety of different luxury, premium cars that customers can hire. There are sedans such as the BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, Mercedes S Class as well as some SUVs. For large groups and families, the Mercedes V-Class van is also available.

You can book your limo easily via the official website. The booking form requires personal details such as your name, email, and cell number. Then, you can enter particulars about your transportation such as the pick-up point, drop-off location and the type of vehicle, etc.

Chauffeured cars are useful in situations where you have to ensure that the ride is comfortable and hitch-free. If you are being accompanied by an important official or corporate guest, it would be in line with hospitality to reserve a luxurious automobile beforehand so that there is no delay or unnecessary waiting at the airport.


In this post, we looked at three different transportation options that you can use in order to get to the city from the Melbourne Airport. All three options viz. SkyBus, taxi services, and chauffeured cars are excellent in their own regard and are suitable for different types of situations and individuals.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be able to decide which option is the most suited to you for the next time you want to take a trip from the airport back to the city.


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