Why Choose Private Chauffeur Services For Long-Distance Travel Not Uber Or Taxis

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Professional transport services have become immensely prevalent these past few years. There are many transfer services that you can take if you want to get to a specific place. Taxis are no longer the best option.

There are many alternatives to taxis. But there is a big difference between a professional chauffeur car service and an Uber driver.


Before we get into the key differences, the highlight, “long-distance ride service” is worth special mention, especially right now during the pandemic. Presently, travel options, in general, are limited. Nationwide travel options are even more limited, and the little that exists could be potentially risky due to public exposure. Uber typically only book short rides in the distance, but what if you need to go further? What if you need to take a trip to the next state? What if you need a loved one like a grandma to travel to you from across the country?

Our long-distance ride service is accessible to help when Uber or taxis does not cater to long-distance travel and the public transport alternatives are too risky. We offer you or your loved one(s) an opportunity to travel safely in a sanitized vehicle that is both secure and comfortable. Moreover, you or your loved one will be driven by a professional private chauffeur Melbourne that has years of driving experience. We offer a wide array of different vehicles to choose from and each one is meticulously maintained above and beyond the standards of our hire car licensing and insurance requirements.

If you need a safe, secure, and private trip for cross-country travel, visit our website homepage for further detail and get a free quote.



These professional services all have the same function. However, there are some notable differences between them. These differences may influence which ride you will be more inclined to use. Here are 6 differences between Uber and Chauffeur car services.

You are guaranteed a ride with a Chauffeur car service.

An Uber is labelled on-the-go. One significant gain of this is that you do not need advanced planning to get a ride. However, Uber trips are subject to availability and price surges. These are strongly affected by what region you are in, how many people are requesting rides, and more. Ubers are also booked through mobile phones. If you have no contact with a smartphone or the internet, you will have no ride.

A chauffeured car service is booked in advance. Your ride will be waiting for you at the specified place and time. Once you booked, then you are guaranteed a ride.

Many Chauffeur car services are much more secure compared to Uber.

Anyone who has a driver’s licence and presents the minimum requirements can be an Uber driver. This does not mean that Uber is not safe. The company does not have strict measures for screening its drivers. However, most chauffeur car service companies have more stringent screenings compared to Uber. This means that limo car service chauffeurs will guarantee your safety and security.

Chauffeured car service companies usually use more luxurious cars.

Ubers, depending on the city, will generally offer your standard day-to-day cars. Chauffeur car service companies, on the other hand, usually have a more luxurious fleet. If you do not mind getting an ordinary car, then an Uber is for you. However, if you want to make an impression, then hire a limo car service.

A general misconception is that hiring a limo car service will break the bank. This is not necessarily true. Most chauffeur car service companies offer competitive prices to match that of the ride-sharing apps. Hiring a better car will not be too expensive. You also will not have to worry about price surges with chauffeur car services all the rates are fixed.

Chauffeur car service will wait for you, while Uber will not.

When you hire an Uber, you enter your pickup point and drop off, and you wait for the ride. Your payment for the services starts at pickup and ends at the destination. If you want another ride after getting dropped off, then you will have to hire a new Uber and wait for it.

Chauffeur car companies give you the option of a point-to-point service or chauffeur hire over time. This latter setup is greatly beneficial. After getting dropped off, your car will wait for you to finish any business you have with the place. You will not have to worry about booking another car on your way home.

You can pick your route if you use a limo car service.

Uber stick to the fastest route which is in most cases longer in distance since their drivers use apps for checking road congestion. You will normally have no control over the direction that your driver takes. The aim is to get you to your destination quickly and promptly.

Chauffeur car services, on the other hand, will take what routes you suggest. Even if you have no clue which road to take, they will be open to requests and suggestions. Do you want to take the scenic route? Tell your chauffeur, and he will gladly take that direction.

Chauffeurs are professionals who usually know the area very well.

As discussed before, anyone can be an Uber driver if they pass the minimum requirements.  On the other hand, Chauffeurs are professional drivers. They usually know cities like the back of their hands and will give you the best shortcuts. If you want a tour of a city you are visiting, then hiring a limo car is better.


Ubers are ordinary, but chauffeur car services have many more benefits. Hire a limo car service for the next time you need a ride. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services is the best in the area. If you need a ride within Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington, Ballarat, Bendigo, Gippsland or any country town in Victoria and interstate long-distance travel, hire us. We will make sure that you get to your destination safely and in style. Contact us at 0425000002.


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