Why SUV Are Popular Chauffeur Car In Australia?

Why SUV Are Popular Chauffeur Car In Australia?

Over the past decade, SUVs have risen in chauffeur clients popularity, to the point that there aren’t really any new sedans to speak of. Customers appreciate the function, utility and visibility compared to sedans. It is driven by changing lifestyle, usefulness and technology. Once you’ve experienced life behind the wheel of an SUV, it’s hard to go back. Even the world’s leading luxury marques: Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Maserati are all over SUV’s which reliably becomes their best selling models in Australia and globally. Melbourne Chauffeurs Services provide the luxury SUV’s which customers want and delivering services is the strength of the company.

Clients Feel that SUV’s are Safer than Sedans

Let’s face it, SUVs are taller and heavier than sedans, which in turn makes the customer feel safer. Typically, these cars are assembled on a much stronger truck chassis, resulting in a higher level of protection if the car was involved in an accident. On top of that, the higher ride height of an SUV gives the driver a much more commanding view of the road ahead making it easier to negotiate around traffic orother obstacles on the road. The chauffeur edition SUV’s comes fitted with driver- assist and crash avoidance system, further improving safety of the driver and passengers.

SUV’s Generally have More Cargo Room

Its no brainer that bigger the car, the more cargo room you’re going to have. SUV stands for ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’ . Lot of Chauffeuring Companies invest in new SUV’s keeping families in mind. The boot space of the SUV’s is much more than sedan it can fit three large suitcases plus four carry on. The larger boot comes helpful if you are travelling with skies, snowboards, golf clubs, strollers or bike case.

Better Value Proposition

In the end, it comes down to the value or, more specifically, what you get for the money you pay. For example why buy Mercedes E Class or BMW 5 Series when you can get Mercedes GLE or BMW X5 around the same price have more head and leg room.

Commanding Driving Position

SUV drivers and passengers love the raised driving position which gives them better visibility on the road ahead. SUV gives customers the luxury, style and comfort of sedan with better visibility and usefulness. The generous height given by most SUV’s is beneficial for taller/larger customers too, providing an increased level of comfort for passengers.

Ease of Access

While some sedans and wagons are rather low slung which makes it hard to get in and out off if you’re elderly but having a lowe car also makes it harder to get children in and out of car seats which is why lot of new families book SUV chauffeur car. The longer doors, raised seating and roof make for much better roomy interior.